The Teen Health team works together– to transform challenges into triumphs!

About Teen Health, Inc.

TeenHealth supports existing charities; and provides youth and young adults with highly nutritional packaged and bulk foods, beverages, supplements, natural personal care products and clothing.


We draw support directly from Natural Products vendors that you would find in a typical Whole Foods store. Our model is unique in that we are both opportunity buyers of products. But as a non-profit, we can also secure products as donations that is a tax-exempt event with the IRS.
All of these products are moved across our network quickly.


We are engaging youth from 14-24 of age- from the inner city. These are often at-risk individuals. Those in transition who are homeless, coming out of gangs, juvenile hall/ incarceration, or foster care. We also support individuals who have one or multiple disabilities.


We engage via a network of agencies, non-profits, and schools across Southern California and will expand our model in 2024 to include San Francisco, Oakland, and other major metros across the US.


Since we launched in 2022, we’ve had a single deliverable- a gift bag full of healthy products.
In 2024, we are bringing a Super Snack Box, a Mighty Meal Box, and a PC (Personal Care) Box.


Thank you for your interest in supporting Teen Health in our mission. Together we can make an impact on the health of the youth and young adults we engage.

Team power and teamwork are vital for teens in danger, offering a united front to navigate challenges. By combining individual strengths and fostering trust, we aim to create a supportive network that enhances problem-solving and resilience.

This collective approach provides emotional and practical assistance, empowering teens to confront and overcome adversity effectively.

Teen Health Team

Scott M. Swift, President

Scott is a startup veteran with experience at 15 early-stage companies from Irvine (Orange County) to New York and beyond. He is a proud father to a son with autism and epilepsy. He founded Autism Support, and this became the Non-profit Teen Health, in 2022. He is an advocate for teens and young adults- engaged to support those with disabilities, at-risk or in foster care, and those from low-income communities. He has been an “Outdoors Person” from early childhood and recognizes the benefits of a healthy lifestyle that includes getting outside. This led to the launching of which provides free experiential outings under the Teen Health umbrella of services.

Lisa Carlson, Vice President

Lisa’s venture into the field of natural health began over 20 years ago. Alongside her husband of 31 years, Lisa carries invaluable firsthand experience raising three (now adult) sons- including one with Autism. The diagnosis of her middle son, Davis, at age three, was truly the catalyst that launched her health and nutritional journey. Lisa currently serves at Ancient Nutrition in the Health Care Practitioner Channel and as the Director of Zing Programming at Revolution Wellness Center in Plymouth, MN. Anita Srivastava, Ph.D., CFS.

Dr. Srivastava

Dr. Srivastava is the president of Anya Baking Lab, which offers consulting services to the food and bakery/snack industries. She also serves on the board of Fine Organics Ltd. as a technical consultant. In addition to bakery solutions, she held a position in India with Dabur Research Foundation as a senior principal scientist and managed new product development.

She is a certified food scientist and earned a Ph.D. and M.S. in Food Science from the University of Georgia and an M.Sc. in Food Technology from GBP University of Agriculture & Technology, India. She currently lives in Atlanta, GA, originally from Lansdowne, a small Himalayan Mountain town in the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand, India.

Darren G. Porter

Darren has spent the better part of 3 decades in advertising, marketing, video production, and post-production producing an impressive body of work from sports documentaries to reality TV shows. An avid surfer and mountain biker, he loves to be able to combine his love of sports and storytelling. Darren loves to help people through hard times, divorce, relationships, and business motivation. Being a mentor is something near and dear to his heart. According to Darren, showing people a new way to live and having it stick is the most rewarding thing to do in life.

Corey Swift, Treasurer

In his young career, Corey already has experience as a controller for a California-based, $50M+ privately held company where he holds responsibility for all finance and accounting. As a graduate of the University of Arkansas, a military veteran, and having been deployed to Afghanistan to serve his country, he a strong addition to the Teen Health team.

Company History

Scott Swift is a startup tech veteran with experience at 15 early-stage companies from LA to London. Proud father to a son with autism and epilepsy. He launched TeenHealth and engaged to support the health of teens and young adults-those with disabilities, in foster care, and from low-income communities. Bradley, his son, was born in 2001 in Whitter, CA. and he was diagnosed with autism in 2004. He was also diagnosed with epilepsy in 2017. Bradley is now an amazing young man attending Ocean View NPS- a school in Orange County that provides a therapeutic, individualized 1:1 and small group instruction to accommodate student's academic, emotional, behavioral, and developmental needs.

Getting out to a TACA conference changed Scott’s perspective and career direction.
He started exploring opportunities to make a positive impact in his son’s life, with the belief that even small corrections (dietary and lifestyle) can make an impact, and with the support of friends in the community, he launched Autism Support to improve the health of individuals on the spectrum.

The company rebranded as Teen Health, Inc., a nonprofit, 501 (c)(3) in early 2022.