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Volunteer at Teen Health

At Teen Health, we believe that volunteers are essential to achieving our mission of supporting teens in need. That's why we work hard to align all of our volunteers with meaningful opportunities that can make a real difference. We are a team looking to make a difference.

Teen Health relies heavily on volunteers to support our back office and automation. To this end, we work with digital volunteer sites to provide talented professionals who volunteer their time to engage with various Teen Health software deployments including

We also offer volunteer opportunities to support our food donation projects. Volunteers are needed to help sort and distribute food items, as well as to coordinate gift bag campaigns and fundraising efforts. By volunteering your time, you will be making a real impact in the lives of youth and young adults who may be struggling with food insecurity.

Furthermore, we welcome the opportunity to match your unique skill-set with projects designed to help the organization’s fundraising, social media and outreach. In keeping with our mission as human potential advocates, we will help you to apply your talent – whether it be for financial planning or software management, web design or video editing, storytelling or digital marketing – to further our vision for a world in which all youth regardless of circumstances, have access to health and wellness. 

If you have unique skills or interests that you would like to apply to our cause, we are open to hearing your ideas. We believe that every volunteer has something valuable to offer and can help us achieve our mission.

Here's what our volunteers have to say about working with Teen Health:

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